Believing In a Higher Power – You’re Doing it Wrong!


What people are saying or doing in the name of religion would be almost comical, wouldn’t it be for the disastrous consequences to the innocent bystanders or non-believers. I can understand why more and more people lean towards atheism. After all, the fanatics make me want to run into the opposite direction as fast as I can, too. The last thing their craziness does is inspire any normal person to say “Yes! I want to be part of that group!”

Personally, I also believe in something. I am not sure what that something is. It might be a god, it might be a goddess, and it might be many gods, aliens or the collective subconscious of all human beings. Maybe it’s just my brain, who knows? I believe in something because that is what helped me survive in the worst times of my life. Believing makes me a better person, keeps me honest and gives me hope. I don’t care if what I believe in is in my imagination or not, because it adds to my quality of life and gives me purpose. I don’t see anything wrong with that. I do not force my beliefs on others and I also don’t wander around trying to interpret any scripture, so it fits my own agenda and gain. I don’t attempt to create a new world order in the name of my “god” and I certainly don’t hate or discriminate against others, citing “the word of god,” either.

But this is where the craziness begins. People are using their own moral and ethical values, claiming them to be the word of god. When one goes and actually reads most of the holy books, one finds that what was actually written is usually completely misinterpreted and taken out of context. Plus, it is conveniently forgotten that these scriptures were written thousands of years ago; by people, who had absolutely no understanding of science, medicine, physics or chemistry. And then there is the issue with free will.

What is “free will” and what does it mean? Essentially it means that each and every one of us is responsible for our actions. It means that life isn’t fair, it just is. It means that we don’t always get what we want, that bad things happen to good people and that sometimes, the douche canoes get away with murder, literally. And as much as fundies and other nuts would love to brainwash us into thinking that there are consequences, like heaven or hell, I’d still have to disagree and tell them to shut up.

I learned many things in life and one of the most disillusioning ones was grasping the concept of being the master of my own destiny. But just like with anything one learns, once you know it, you can’t go back and “unlearn” it. No higher being will keep saving me, as long as I keep making the same decisions and stupid moves. No god will come down from the heavens and strike down those who have been abusive to me. Quite on the contrary, a lot of my abusers continued on with new victims, leading, apparently, worry free existences.

I know it is a contradiction to believe in science as much as I do and yet, at the same time, believe in a higher power. But as I said before, without it I wouldn’t have had the strength to continue on my path. Fortunately, I am now at a stage in my life where I am grateful for having learned the true meaning of free will. I no longer require anything that would give me an excuse to point fingers, blame or excuse my wrong choices or bad behaviors. I no longer feel the need to belong to the “crowd” and I no longer need to bargain for my sanity.

My “universe” lies within my strength to keep making the right decisions, no matter how hard it is; to recognize good from bad; to have strong values, integrity and decency. My universe is my compass for doing the right thing when others won’t or will look away. I am well aware that my “god” is the kind who gives me strength and guidance, but in no way, shape or form tells me what to do or how to do it.

The reward from being a good person comes in form of what comes back to us. I find that who we are to the world does create a mirror and it does attract others who are similar, most of the time. But there is nothing that stops the wrong crowd to wander in, if I allow it to happen. Sadly, I haven’t found the “god” bodyguard yet.

I guess religion often serves as a means to justify, judge and to wash away one’s own guilt. It takes away the responsibility for one’s actions and eliminates accountability, because “I am only accountable to god.” Religion serves often as the scapegoat for all the lost, power-hungry and crazy people who would have no other purpose in life, were it not for their faith. And how great it is to go to a church that allows you to confess your horrid deeds, week, after week, after week, without any consequence, because Jesus forgives you and died for your sins, as just one example of interpreting god.

I am glad to report that I have friends from all religious branches and belief systems. I just left out the haters, bigots and nutjobs. I guess what goes around comes around, eventually, especially for mean-spirited and hateful folks. There is a hell, but the hell is not created by a higher power, hell is created by people who keep doing the same things over and over and never learn. Hell is regret, stubbornness, hate, indecisiveness and misery, and that is something we all do to ourselves.

Dear Governor Brown,


I am well aware that Arnold Schwarzenegger made some really bizarre decisions that are now costing us dearly. Having said that though, there seems to be a general disconnect between government officials and the “real” world. Therefore, I thought I should share some of my every day challenges, living in the great state of California, specifically, in Los Angeles.

Yesterday, I decided to stop by the DMV to update my driver’s license; which for some reason I cannot do online. Calling the DMV is also pretty useless, by the time you’re actually reaching a live human being, you’re probably ready to go into retirement.
So, I stopped by the DMV and found a line going all the way around the building, with waiting times estimated at around 2 hours or more. This is the standard mode of business for all the DMV offices in my area.

Maybe senators, congressmen, governors and other politicians enjoy the freedom of preferred services of some kind, because no regular Joe Schmoe, who’d ever experienced the insanity called DMV, would actually come to the ingenious decision to shorten their operating hours and staff. I also don’t think it’s the government workers that make the big bucks here. If you guys in Sacramento want to cut spending, you should probably start with some of the state officials; not the social service people us common folk rely on. We should not have to take a day off work to get a simple address change done at the DMV; and btw, the DMV website is also pretty useless.

Another sore point for all of us Angelinos is the roads! Yes, I understand that back in the early 20th century the oil companies were powerful enough to buy out the public transportation system; but now we live in 2011! Los Angeles has the most ridiculous public transportation system I have ever encountered, and trust me, I’ve traveled!
We also have the second highest pollution rate, right behind China!! And what fun it is to travel on our roads, where the average commute is between 1 and 2 hours…for 30 miles! When it rains the s*** really hits the fan and it will take you about half hour to travel 1 mile. We spend more time in our cars than we want to and moving doesn’t work, because there is no such thing as a “close commute.” This is due to the fact that houses near any of the large companies are outrageously expensive; which leads to most of us having to commute anywhere from 30 to 50 miles one way!
On the bright side, the Metro Gold Line is going to be extended to my part of town; namely by the year 2021, which, to me, equals never.

While we are at it, I’d really appreciate reinstating tax breaks for hybrid cars and allowing us to drive in the car pool lane. It is already a pain in the neck to be stuck in traffic for hours every day, but for added pleasure I have to deal with SUVs who block my view and tend to drive as if the road and world belongs to them. I don’t care what cars people drive, but I do care about the fact that those of us who actually give a damn about our environment and attempt to bring the horrible smog and pollution ratings down, don’t even get rewarded anymore; unless you count the reward of the warm and fuzzy feeling I get every time I have to fill my gas tank up.

There are numerous other things I could think of that need to be improved, but being just an average type of person, I think the aforementioned items will suffice for now. I am sure all you folks up in Sacramento have much more important things to do than actually deal with the grievances of the common man (or woman), but to us, these things are not only frustrating, but greatly decrease our quality of life.

I would have moved a long time ago, would it not be for the fact that my house is worth half the value these days and cannot be sold, and my husband is bound to CA due to his profession. Hence, for the time being we are stuck here and would appreciate some help from the powers that be.


Carmen Honacker

My Life Lessons

Even though I don’t drown in regret and sorrow, there are still a few things I would change, if I could go back in time. I sometimes do wonder what I would say to myself and what kind of advice I would give to the young me.  After all, what makes us truly human is the ability to learn from our mistakes.

  1. Follow your instinct!
    If it looks like a duck and quacks like one, it is a duck! You can’t rescue people, you can’t make them change and you can’t make them better. You know what a person is about when you meet them, listen! And don’t let your head or heart get in the way, for both cannot be trusted.
  2. People do not change!
    Not for you, not for anyone. People only change if they want to and most people never will; this is because most people cannot face the pain, nor do the work that is required in order to become their “higher” self. Most will prefer misery, if it is the alternative to not moving a finger and claiming victimhood.
  3. It is OK to have high expectations!
    It is not OK to continuously lower them for others and then start getting resentful about them not doing anything about it!
  4. Not everyone thinks, feels and views the world the way you do!
    This is fine, as long as you don’t attempt to befriend or change the minds of those who are on polar opposite ends of the spectrum.
  5. Never sell out your values!
    It is not OK, ever, to compromise on your moral and ethical values for anyone!
  6. Get your butt back into therapy!
  7. You come first!
    You are not a distant second, third or tenth behind anyone. And no, other people’s wants and needs are not always more important than yours, even though they may consistently try to tell you that. Get rid of those who are selfish!
  8. You are enough and you are worthy!
    Remove those who try to convince you otherwise.
  9. You are not perfect and you never will be!
    The right people will love you unconditionally, imperfections and all.
  10. Life can be amazing, wondrous, joyful and happy, regardless of where you came from and what you may have experienced in your past. You are the creator of your own happiness; and no, it won’t fall in your lap. Work is required and necessary, but the rewards are infinite.

Lastly, I would tell myself to remain truthful to me, to not sell out, to stand up for myself and to set proper boundaries.


How to Manifest What You Want

When I was in my early 30s I used to be baffled by the type who consistently attracted nothing but “bad luck.” But back then, I couldn’t really put the pieces together, because I deemed it “judgmental on my part.” By the time I reached my late 30s I stopped wondering and figured it out.

Manifestation always came somewhat easy to me, as long as I was in the right frame of mind. All I had to do is really focus and pay attention and I could make things happen the way I wanted them. This included manifesting the house I bought (down to the exact square footage), the job I wanted, the man I married and even as we speak, the body I want.

The more I read, studied and went to therapy, the more I learned why I was able to manifest what I truly wanted; and why I would sometimes fail miserably! This is when I not only realized the common denominator amongst those whose wishes “never happen,” but also when I really started to grasp the true concept of free will psychics are talking about when they are trying to explain why some people’s readings never pan out.

What makes it possible to predict the future for most, is the mere fact that people are complete creatures of habit and hardly ever stray from their paths. What makes it impossible again though, is to predict anything for anyone who is volatile, negative or self-destructive, i.e. a doubting Thomas.

Every human being has infinite potential. I truly believe that. We have infinite potential to create a great, mediocre or miserable life; MOST OF THE TIME! Sometimes bad things happen to good people and sometimes great stuff happens to complete douche canoes. There is no rhyme or reason and personally, I do not believe that a god dictates who has “good luck” and who draws the ass card. Shit just happens.

Having said that, though, we do have control over the vast majority of our life and the situations we do attract. This includes the things I have mentioned above, like career, physical items, relationships, friendships and most of our health. Sadly, there are also situations that render us completely powerless; this includes making someone love us or being spared the heartache from losing someone to death. And then there is the other, not-so-encouraging fact that consistently miserable, negative and selfish people will have no way of manifesting the things they so desperately hope for. The reason is simple. Healthy people smell desperate, crazy, insecure, negative or mean 100 miles away and will run into the opposite direction, regardless if this is in a work environment, or one’s personal life! We attract who we are being to the world; because our energy literally works like a mirror, projecting our true self to others. This is why pretentious folks and fakers are usually figured out, sooner or later.

Hence, in order to manifest what you want, you have to be able to actually believe it! You have to be able to believe in yourself and you have to be able to clearly specify what you want. Wishy washy “well, I just want someone who likes me,” for example, will not work. Those who are unable to believe in their own power of creation/manifestation will continuously draw what they are expecting in their subconscious, which is failure, loss, misery, disappointment and rejection. Those who believe, regardless if it is in a higher power or themselves, tend to have an amazing ability to manifest and to really take charge of their own life and destiny. So here are a few examples of manifestation that have consistently worked for me for the past 1o years; and no, they do not require believing in a certain faith or deity!

  1. Relationships
    If you want to find your perfect match, make a list about it! The list should consist of two columns: Must Haves and Compromises. The rules are simple, fill in the two columns but avoid superficial stuff, like looks, completely. Why? Because in the “Must Have” you will add “sexually compatible/chemistry.” This one item will overwrite anything you might have limited yourself to by putting a hair color down, for example. Include all the other things you cannot do without, for me these included “sense of humor,” “smart,” “educated,” “honest with himself and others,” etc.
    In the column for “Compromises” I put things like “taste in music,” “wants children,” amongst others. The only rule is that you can absolutely not stray from the “Must Haves!” These are your bottom lines and the traits you cannot do without, so ixnay on cheating yourself!
  2. Money/Material Things
    I have never limited myself to a dollar amount. Hence, I never wished for 1 million dollars, because who knows, I might actually get 10?! Instead I have envisioned myself doing and owning the things I wanted. This included my house, cars, clothes, personal trainers/fitness, places I wanted to visit and so on. I am currently in the process of starting to manifest my next house and I am already manifesting the body I envisioned in hypnotherapy.
  3. Career
    There was a time when I simply wanted to have a certain title and paycheck for the sake of status and to prove something to the invisible voices of defeat in my head. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t make it. In fact, all I ended up with was bad managers and jobs that weren’t challenging. I was overlooked for promotions and the more it happened, the angrier I got. After spending 3 months in another country to built a team without getting an ounce of recognition I figured that I was the problem. I sat down and refocused what I wanted in life; and why! I wrote down that I wanted a position in management; not for the title, but simply because I wanted to make a difference in other people’s lives. I had seen plenty of bad manager and learned how not to be. It worked like a charm. Within a year of returning from Europe, I got promoted. Within another year, I got promoted yet again. I had sat down and clearly stated my intent and what I wanted to create. 7 years later I have consistently gone up and moved forward on my endeavors.

There have been times in my past when I couldn’t create. Each time I felt beaten down. I had given up and was too tired or even too lazy to make an effort. There were times when I was content with sitting on my butt and complaining, whining or being a perfect victim. These were the times/years I have wasted and when I was the least productive and successful.

Nowadays there is very little that limits me. I don’t think in terms of “impossible” and “I can’t.” I have always been somewhat able to manifest, but especially in the past two years I am blown away by how I have recreated my life and turning into the person I really want to be.

Predictions from psychics have happened, hypnotherapy was successful and I believe it is due to the fact that I am open enough to no longer doubt myself. Therefore, when someone “confirms” my vision, I feel even more encouraged to turn it into reality! I know what I can do if I set my mind to it and how powerful my will can be; and hence, I keep creating by stating openly, with my written and spoken word who I am and what I want. It all starts with me and it ends with me. I am the power that makes it happen and yes, I do believe!

Stop the Insanity

“What is wrong with our world” is what people keep asking, eager to point fingers and deny the fact that they might be part of the problem.

We live in a society that promotes and rewards lack of initiative, lack of responsibility, accountability and lack of integrity. Everyone feels entitled to spew their toxic commentary and ideologies all over the place and to everyone. It seems right to these folks to exercise their “freedom of speech” by abusing, attacking and belittling all those who believe or think differently; or worse, those who think and believe freely.

There are plenty of nutjobs who spew false truths and completely made up stories and “facts.” And what is worse is that no one stands up to them and no one has the balls to actually tell them to shut up. This creates monsters, because that type always screams and talks the most and loudest, thereby actually appearing as if they speak for the majority. The squeaky wheels, the whiners, the martyrs, victims, bigots, fundamentalists, right wing nuts and ignorant jerks make the most noise, without ever being stopped or corrected.

As time goes by people may start to disassociate and stop listening and the insane ones don’t even notice. They tend to be stuck in their own BS and love to hear themselves talk; and the fact that no one confronts them makes them feel right as rain.

We live in a society where complete morons make the majority appear as sheep and spineless idiots. This is because those who should speak, those who actually have interesting and important things to say, those who inspire others or speak their mind usually don’t; and if they do, they get shut up for making waves and rubbing people the wrong way. Hence, it appears as if the crazy few speak for most or all of us.

We live in a society where hate and fear mongering has succeeded in manipulating the masses to follow people like Sarah Palin or George W.; and where it is OK to hate and want to kill or harm those who are the targets of the crazy few. It is OK to publicly hate Muslims, gays and those who believe differently. Apparently, it is no longer enough to simply disagree and mind your own business.

And why would they even do their homework on anything, as long as one can spew fallacies and sit on one’s butt, watching Jersey Shore, The Bachelor, or other “reality” shows. Thinking is no longer required in our society. We sit on our ever fatter getting behinds, point fingers, complaining and whining, while doing nothing and looking the other way.

We want our country and economy to grow and get stronger, but we give the power to the wrong people and we don’t have enough courage to stand up to those who contribute to our pain and misery. As long as there are no consequences to a person’s behavior, there is no need for them to “man up,” shut up, grow, change or take responsibility. And hence, the cycle continues and douche canoes like Phelps, keep enforcing their “right” to interrupt funerals and cause pain and grief to those who REALLY served our country.

Fortunately, there are guys like Bill Maher and Jon Stewart, just to name a couple, who do speak their mind and do make sense. They give us rational folks hope that maybe one day sanity will rule the land; and we’ll all be part of a wide awake and educated society, versus the sound asleep, ignorant and moronic one we are currently part of and have been part of for the past few years.

Today’s deplorable holy explanation of the Japanese earthquake brought to you by Cindy Jacobs

I HAD to share this! If all the truly inspiring, enlightening and intelligent people of the world would speak as loudly as all the stupid, ignorant, bigoted ones, the whole world would be a better and much more peaceful place!

Posted by cranberryzero here:

I’m sorry. Maybe I should stop paying attention, but people keep saying these incredibly, unbelievably stupid things and they make me mad and I post them. Today, it’s Cindy Jacobs, whose day job is exorcising gay demons out of people. In her spare time, she says dumb shit like “The earthquake in Japan was caused because they worship dragons.” 

Okay, her actual quote:

“This island, Hokkaido, looks like the head of a dragon with the body being the rest of Japan. The people of Asia have worshipped the dragon for 5,000 years. If one looks at the place where the earthquake took place, it looks like the soft underbelly of most vulnerable part of the dragon. Let’s pray that the deep idolatry and the worship of hundreds of idols under the guise of Shintoism, Buddhism, and allegiances to being “sons of the dragon” will be broken and thousands will turn to the Lord.”

From an editorial here

I love it when people find ways to feel divinely superior based on geographical location. I’m sure whenever a tornado rips through her home town however that it’s “a wake up call” or “a blessing in disguise” or Jesus “taking his sons and daughters home”. GTFOff my planet.


TUT – A Note from the Universe


For millenniums, Carmen, the path to enlightenment has been made up of many steps. Most commonly, it begins with festering misunderstandings that lead to pain, the pain then leads to growth, growth leads to clarity, clarity leads to fun, fun leads to joy, and joy leads to true illumination.

May I recommend skipping to the fun part?

Love you forever, Carmen –
    The Universe