Get Your Priorities Straight

Maybe it is human nature to always focus on the things we don’t have. Maybe happiness is completely foreign to us; unless we chase some unattainable goal. But one thing is certain, sometimes you really oughta be careful with what you wish for and sometimes you really have to be realistic in what you can actually attain.

I have heard quite a few people complain about not making a six figure income; and yet, most of them would never want to work like someone who does make that much money. I think the times are long gone where some Internet genius kid can make a few million dollars with some great idea; or let’s just say that this scenario is not the most realistic for the average Joe Schmoe. Most of us have to work our butt off to make a lot. No, we don’t get to work a posh 8 hour day, with little responsibility and few challenges, while making a boatload of money; unless you are grandfathered in and have been at a company that has been giving you more and more money each year, simply because you’ve been there long enough. Anyone who starts out in any role above average, also has to do above average work, while holding above average responsibility and performing well! If you want the grand career, you will have to kiss your personal life good-bye and you will have to make sacrifices. Spoiled whiners need not apply!

Speaking of sacrifices, the same goes for anything worth attaining. Most people don’t reach their goals because they lack the discipline and stamina to consistently do what is required to be successful. If you want to be fit and in shape, you will have to work out and you will have to eat right. No excuses. If you want to only date highly attractive people, well, you oughta be attractive, too. If you want to be in a healthy relationship, you have to be healthy. No, none of us get to sit on our butts, while the perfect body, job and relationship just knock on the front door. Anything above average requires above average commitment and work. Something’s gotta give and I can tell you from experience, that “something” better be you.

I am consistently amazed at people who don’t grasp this concept at all. I always thought that the stuff I am talking about is common sense. I always knew that I had to work for anything I ever wanted in life. I always knew that some things require more sacrifices and work than others and hence, would simply evaluate how bad I wanted it. And yet, a simple concept like that is missing in so many whiners I have encountered. It is rather amazing how nothing is their fault and how sitting on their behind is supposed to serve them a life like in the movies. Here’s my response: “Bzzzz…thanks for playing!”

If you are out there and you want an extraordinary life, well, you better learn that you’ll have to deliver extraordinary results and work extraordinarily hard; at least until you have built the foundation. If your general excuse or reason for not doing anything is “it’s too hard,” well, then attaining greatness is going to be too hard, too! We attract what and who we are! Our life is a direct result of our actions, thoughts and words.

Something has gotta give and the something has to be you. Don’t want to change? Well, better stop complaining and realize that “this” is as good as it gets.

Sheep, Sheep – Bah

Black Friday, black Monday, stores opening on Thanksgiving and the sheep follow like there’s no tomorrow. As usual, they are bitching about the holiday spirit being amiss, while gaining competitive advantages over others by spraying them with pepper spray! What the hell is wrong with people? I mean, really? Are they that desperate, that crazy and that rude? Is this the total me, me, me society that whines about the lack of compassion, while trampling each other down for a god damn bargain?

Every time I see this crap I wanna puke. Of course, I don’t stand in line. I don’t stand in line for a concert, I don’t stand in line for a movie and I sure as hell won’t stand in line for a god damn store. If I don’t have the money for Christmas presents, tough luck! To me, nothing screams “asshole” more than some jerk who pushes old people and kids out of the way. And for crying out loud, some bitch who uses pepper spray at Walmart!

I can’t quite describe how deeply disturbed I am by crowds and the sheep mentally it creates. There is something deeply disturbing about living your life through stupid reality TV shows like “Jersey Shore,” and feeling genuine disappointment for the chick who doesn’t get the bachelor, etc. There is something so wrong with our society and the way it is literally conditioned and trained like a damn circus animal, to respond in a certain way to certain BS that isn’t even real. The sheep are easily manipulated and even easier controlled; and yet, yell about how “free” they are.

I’ve got news, there is no freedom in a bunch of dumb ass foot soldiers who don’t give a damn about anything but themselves; a bunch of clowns who have no clue about what is going on anywhere else in the world besides their own island and yet, feel a need to run their mouth about anything and everything; especially about politics. The more “news” I read the more I feel I live in the land of the dumb asses and the land of jerks. When I read articles about “Black Friday,” I can honestly say, I am friggin’ embarrassed to be an American.

Over and out from the Island of Hate! Can’t wait what “winner” they are going to vote into office next year!