Mad World


At times it is rather astonishing that some of us genuinely feel happy and find purpose, while walking our path on this planet. There are so many contradictions we are fed daily that it isn’t shocking at all to find so many people diagnosed with bi-polar disorder or schizophrenia. So here is a list of random thoughts that pop into my mind, pretty much every day.

  1. It is not OK for us to have our morning bagel or roll and coffee. Now we know that these things are bad for us. Instead, we should have fruit. Thankfully, the egg is on the good graces of the “experts” again, so we can at least have those again.
  2. It is not OK to eat anything that tastes good. All of the good tasting stuff will make you fat or die. This is what I am reading daily. I need to eat more fish and salads, i.e. vegetables.
  3. Wait! It is not OK to eat fish! Fish has too much mercury, so fish is out. Ixnay on eating any meat, because meat is bad. Unless it comes from an organic farmer; in which case, you too, can have a steak, for the bargain price of $20 or more. Alas, grass-fed is the way to go!
  4. Salad and veggies are also out! Oh how happy I was to find a small mom and pop veggie store on the corner. Alas, I can’t shop there, because veggies don’t contain any nutrients, unless they are organic; which will more than double your grocery bill. Sucks to be poor.
  5. It is not OK to have more than 20% body fat. Granted, only a small percentage of the population is below 20%, but that shouldn’t stop the rest of us to keep trying harder. You don’t want to be considered “fat!” Which is worse than being called a drug addict.
  6. It is OK to live off of raw veggies, fruit and no carbs, while working a full career and working out at least 5 hours a week. Anything less is unacceptable, so you might as well not do it. There is no 20 minute workout! Unless you are already in shape.
  7. It is OK to call gay people the destroyer of family values and hence, doing anything in your power to destroy any chance for them to ever get married or live in peace.
  8. It is also OK to demonstrate against what others do in their bedroom, while you have numerous wives or cheat on the one you do have. As long as you look sincere and scream the loudest, people will follow and agree. If everything fails, bring “god” into the mix. That one always works. There is always some passage in the bible that can be misquoted or modified to your liking.
  9. It is important to scream about the freedom of our nation and claiming you are protecting said nation.
  10. It is then OK to forget one of the most important founding principles; the freedom of religion! As long as leaving this part out serves your purpose and keeps enforcing that YOUR god truly is the only way to go, you can feel right as rain.
  11. It is OK to not have money, because we have credit cards; which we can use online and buy whatever our little hearts desire.
  12. Because then it is also OK to call your bank and claim that you didn’t do it. So now you ¬†got your money back and some cool stuff you always wanted. Of course, the poor merchant who got stiffed is not your concern.
  13. It is OK to preach about the principles of a certain man, named Jesus Christ; while completely butchering his teachings and utterly ignoring what was written about him. As long as you, again, misquote the bible, it doesn’t really matter that you are blatantly doing the opposite of what was written and asked of you as a Christian.
  14. It is OK to hate, fight and discriminate against anything that threatens you, because you don’t know jack about it. It is also OK to disrupt funerals, crearte smear and hate campaigns and call it “freedom of speech.”
  15. It is OK to call the president the “n” word and accusing him of being a communist; even though you have no idea what the differences between communism and socialism really are. As a well-rounded, well-educated and really well-traveled American, you are well aware of other countries, their political systems and goals and hence, deserve to run your mouth.
  16. It is absolutely necessary to recognize the horrors a man named “Adolf Hitler” committed. These Germans are evil and definitely a different breed! Of course, this can be discussed as you are actively attempting to establish the inferiority of black people, Latinos, Asians and gay people. If it would be up to you, you’d ban them out of the country. This is interesting, as these were some of Hitler’s principles.
    BTW, I think this would be a good time to let you know that Hitler not only was a racist, but just like you, discriminated against religions AND, are you ready for this?? Yes, he put gay people in concentration camps!
  17. It is OK to get all your “wisdom” from message boards, Jerry Springer, Oprah and other great talk shows. Fox News is a great source of unbiased information; amongst many.
  18. It is of utmost importance that these news then got immediately distributed to the “masses” and get argued with those, who actually studied some of these things, have degrees and really know their stuff.
  19. You know what is best for this country, even though you barely finished high school, don’t know how to spell or use proper grammar and live right at the poverty level with your five kids. You are not voting against your own interest!! No, you are voting and demonstrating against Muslims, terrorists, libs, gays and communism. Because…
  20. It is most important that we preserve the freedom and prosperity of this great nation and you are making a difference