Too Much Freedom – Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should

The more I see and hear, the more I want to disappear!
I feel a need to ponder human nature again, at least in the way it appears in our lovely society here. I cannot help to look around and wonder where common sense, decency and honesty with oneself disappear to, when I read some of the articles posted on the internet. Apparently, the more “freedom” people have, the more abusive and douchish become. Which brings me to one of my major beliefs in life: Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should!
I know that this is an extremely difficult concept to grasp; especially for the American culture, who was raised on “I deserve a trophy/a reward, the best job, the highest salary and title and much, much more, simply because I am breathing. Things will be delivered on a silver platter and if the proverbial sh** hits the fan, it wasn’t my fault. Someone else is to blame for my choices, my actions and my words; and boy, there is no short list of scape goats.
So let me go over my list of various “face palm” situations and the appropriate organizations, groups and people to blame. In fair warning, this is not going to be pretty and if you are easily offended, you should stop reading right now.
  1. I love Jesus and so should you!
    I am glad you found Jesus. I really am. I assume you found him because you actually read his words. They can be found in this nice collection of scriptures called “The New Testament.” Read this sentence again – The New Testament! Now that we have established where christianity comes from, we should also reiterate what it means to be a Christian! It does not mean you are Jewish. Hence, quoting passages from Genesis, for example, means you are quoting the first book of the Hebrew Bible (the Tanakh) and the OLD TESTAMENT. This has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with Jesus! But aside from the obvious, since this might be merely semantics here for some people, Jesus was pretty clear on the no hate, loving, don’t judge, don’t throw the first stone, etc. kind of stuff. He was super clear on helping the poor and sick and also quite straight forward on how he felt about those who were outcasts.
    Now, I understand that you may be a homophobic, selfish, judgmental, non-compassionate douche canoe, and I also understand that you must blame gay people, other religions, races, homeless and unemployed people and whomever else you don’t like or understand for your appalling behavior, but technically speaking, this makes you, literally, the anti-christ! If you don’t follow a single thing the man preached, you are no longer allowed to call yourself a Christian. And, since you are saying that the bible isn’t open for interpretation, well, then you can’t be part of all these strange splinter groups you’ve created, like baptist, Jehova’s Witness, Mormon, etc.  Technically speaking, you guys were all catholic, until Martin Luther nailed his proclamations to the church door in Wittenberg and formed Lutherism!
  2. Stop telling me how to dress – I embrace my morbid obesity
    Honestly, I don’t care what size you are. I do, however, feel amazed reading all these strange articles, written by offended, fat women (there, I used the “f” word), who are supposedly embracing their bodies and merely fighting for equality. People…. I am NOT thin! Since I have passed the 40s, I struggle with weight like you wouldn’t believe. I can merely look at a cheeseburger and promptly gain a pound. I have gained at least 30 pounds since my early 30s. I was the fat kid in school they made fun of and I struggled with weight my entire life – yes, read again, my entire life!
    I also think that the fashion industry causes harm to a girl’s self-esteem. I believe that we shouldn’t possibly be judged by a standard that fits less than 1% of the entire population and I believe that we have created a monster with our fashion and beauty standards. BUT…I strongly believe in being healthy! The truth is, I have never met an active (exercises regularly) and healthy eating obese person, just like I have never met a healthy underweight person. I am not going to go into the increase of heart disease, diabetes and cardiac diseases we have due to our crappy lifestyle, but the truth is, if you are blessed with crappy genes, like your’s truly here, you’ll have to work on being healthy! This means that sugars and processed foods are not your friend. Neither are sodas, sodium laden and fried foods. Once you reach mid 30s and 40s, you simply have to exercise, because your metabolism goes down the drain. Welcome to aging! These are the harsh and simple truths. I understand that sugary, fatty and salty treats taste much, much better than kale or a salad, I even understand how addictive this stuff is and that means, I just can’t buy it/have it in the house or order it all the time when I go out. I am prone to diabetes, pancreatitis and obesity, and that means I don’t get to mope, I just have to make different choices. I also understand that I will never be super skinny or a size 4 or 2 again, because I am not willing to make the sacrifices I would have to make to get there!
    And while we are at it. Just because you CAN wear a bikini or leggings, doesn’t mean you should. This isn’t about rights! This is about the fact that some clothes look better on one’s body than others. There is stuff that doesn’t look good on my almost 6′ tall roommate that looks good on me and vice versa! I just don’t get what is gained with the constant bickering about “I’m going to wear this thong bikini, even though I weight 300 lbs and you can’t stop me.” It’s not hate when someone says “you shouldn’t be wearing this!” It merely means this particular piece of clothing may not look good on you. Watch “What Not To Wear!”
  3. I don’t have the skills, I don’t have the training, but I should have my manager’s job
    No, you shouldn’t and no, you won’t. I know, you’ve been lead to believe that everyone deserves a trophy and a medal and that you deserve whatever you want, because you are worth it. I also understand that, in certain situations, the guy/woman who runs the show may be a self-entitled, shady and incompetent Muppet, who shouldn’t have gotten the job to begin with. But that doesn’t mean you are right for it either! Just because you’ve been with the company for a gazillion years doesn’t mean your natural progression should be management or above; especially when you can barely put a sentence together, hate people, have a problem with your temper, have an issue with being at work on time or calling in sick, or simply don’t have the general skill set. In a great company you will have a manager who will tell you what your skill set or your strengths are and will hopefully find a way to align you with those. Don’t be a jerk if they are trying to manage or coach you; chances are, you haven’t gotten to where you want to be for a reason and it’s either because you don’t have it, or because you stuck around with the same company and the same dictator boss for years, which also doesn’t show great initiative or leadership! A lot of companies allow their individual contributors to rise equally as high as other VP or director roles without the managing part. A great manager would never set you up for failure, and simply giving you what you want, because you whined long enough about it isn’t doing that. Plus, people deserve competent and strong managers who lead by example and can serve as role models. People haters, those who can’t communicate properly, verbally or written, can’t have tough conversations, have low self-esteem, have a temper issues, or simply barely make it at their job do not qualify. Lead by example and do the job amazingly well, that is what gets you recognized and gets you the promotion. Whining, complaining and threatening, not so much.
I know it’s difficult to grasp that you are truly responsible and accountable for the quality of your life. I know that a lot of people don’t want to hear it. After all, how sad would I be if I realized that my crappy choices and miserable life is no longer my parent’s, teacher’s, manager’s and anyone else’s fault, but my own? What will I do once I can no longer blame my metabolism, my genes and the restaurants for my body, but only my choices? Where will I go, once I realize that my hate, intolerance and bigotry is simply my own, fueled by my surroundings, especially the one I grew up in?
Life would be so much harder if I was truly and completely accountable for everything that spews from my mouth, everything I do and don’t do and the outcomes and consequences attached to it. Hence, I must continue spreading my BS, because I know I am right and that’s all that matters!
It’s amazing how wrong our society is with so many right(eous) and good people in it. Because what’s the first thing any hater will tell you? That they are a good person…