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My name is Carmen and I was born and raised in Germany, but moved to the US in December of 1992. I became an American citizen in November 2005.

I love to write. I always have, even as a child. I started writing bad poetry when I was 11 that included amazing gems like “I feel sad and I feel blue, ‘cause I am so in love with you.” I couldn’t wait to start school so I could learn how to read and write. I felt like an adult trapped inside a child’s body and reading and writing helped me express my unusual view of the world and the people in it.

I have had a crazy childhood, filled with stories I couldn’t make up even if I tried. I have “studied” many different religions and philosophies, as well as different parts of neuroscience, psychiatry and psychology. I am fascinated with brain mapping and the human mind and its ability to create a completely false reality, if it so chooses.

I know that intuition or one’s gut feeling beats the five senses any day and have learned to actually listen to it. After all, the best intuition won’t do you any good, if you are excellent in ignoring it. Helping people can also work in a good way. I am in cybercrime/fraud prevention, which works great with my strong sense of right and wrong and my strong ability to sense when there’s “a disturbance in the force.”

I write my blogs for many reasons. Sometimes I am venting, other times I am pondering, musing or thinking out loud, and then there are the times when I literally attempt to shake people up by stating the obvious and by speaking my truth. I am sharing my own experiences in hopes to trigger positive change for someone, somewhere out there. Sometimes my straight forward style pisses people off, but then again, I make no excuses for who I am.

I can be contacted at carmen9369@yahoo.com, via Twitter @carmenhonacker or on Facebook. I am good in helping, but I am no expert, trained individual or anything one could easily label. Hence, if you need a professional’s help, please contact one 🙂

8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Now that I’ve re-remembered about your site it’s time to start reading again! In a perverse and selfish way I’m a little thankful that you had to recreate it yet again in January as it means I only have 7 pages of posts to catch up on. 😉

    • Kaelyn! How have you been, girl! I often wondered where you are and what you are doing these days! Must talk! xoxoxo

  2. your blog is amazing! your words resonate. amazing what a google search can do. can u subscribe me? i will follow you on twitter too, but if your blogs go out via email it would be great to read them that way.

    thank you for sharing your knowledge honestly!!!

    – kathleen

  3. Google searched ‘Does dysfunction attract dysfunction;’ got your blog about the cycle of dysfunction. Brilliant, as if I had been talking to myself as I read it! Great to find someone on the same wave length, coz sometimes you wonder if it is only you who sees the world from such a perspective. Good on you for putting it out there.

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