Dance, Live, Love and Sing

Sometimes you just have to shake off the dust, jump up, start dancing and singing your own renditions of your favorite songs!

I think each and every one of us play so many different roles and wear so many masks that the true self becomes a bit murky after a while. When I was a kid I used to dance in front of the radio, wearing my mom’s robe like a cape and singing into a spoon. I didn’t know English, so I just sang whatever the words sounded like. I still do it! I can sing in German, English, French and Russian; maybe Portuguese! Instead of the robe, I tend to opt for no clothes. One has to be comfortable in one’s skin! Just for fun, I’ve decided to learn French. I like languages and who cares if I’m good or bad at it. I can still run around, laughing like crazy as I proudly proclaim “Je bois le vin rouge!”

The thing is, when we play, pretend, sing and dance we turn into the wide-eyed creators we were born as, before we were told that we shouldn’t, couldn’t and all that other crap that instilled doubt and shame in us. I don’t know about you but I love being a kid again, even if only in spirit.

I really don’t know why we put ourselves through the torture of always doing what we should, when there is so much fun to be had when we are doing whatever makes us happy. Maybe I’m simply wired wrong but whenever I see a cliff, I run towards it, raise my arms and yell “whee,” as I jump. Life is too short to always play it safe and to not get lost in possibility. There are so many things to do, places to see, worlds to conquer, cliffs to jump and laughter to be had. Find those who will support you and run aside you. Spend time with the creators, the happy ones, world travelers, warriors, gods, goddesses and other doers.

Live and love hard! The rest will fall into place!

Living vs. Existing



We always say that we are trying our best to live life to its fullest. We vow that we will never forget that we have only one life and that we will live each day as if it is the last. And while most people apparently live their life as if it is never ending, I find that there are only a few of us who really try to remember living every day; namely those of us who lost people.

When you experienced death in your family and friendship circle, you start looking at life differently. You start remembering that you don’t have an infinite amount of years or days to waste and to do as you please and you remember, or become painfully aware, of your own mortality.

I’m not going to go into a rant, or lecture, or preach. Not today, not now. But I do so want to urge you to remember that all of our days are limited and we do not know how many we have left. So don’t waste your time on regret, fear, anger, hate, sadness, sorrow and worry.

I do wish for everyone to learn this lesson before you experience loss. I do wish for everyone to experience joy, happiness, laughter, delight, silliness, adventure and fullness. I do so wish that we become lighter, stressing less, relaxing more and feeling more connected, instead of feeling isolated or alone. Surround yourself with those who don’t judge you and allow you to be. Find those who compliment your being, instead of taking from it. Find those who help you grow, instead of those who keep you little and small.

Life is not a struggle. It is not meant to be a burden. It is meant to cherish and love and experience. You will never be perfect, but you will be perfect enough for a few, who understand your essence and think that you add more to their life and being, than take from it.

So, go live, love, drink, eat, swim, float, fly, run, climb, walk, engage, talk, listen and in the end, just be.

Take Action Now

“Morgen, morgen, nur nicht heute, sagen alle faulen Leute.” A German saying that translates equally great into English; “tomorrow, tomorrow, not today; is what all lazy people say.” No, this is not an insult, although it may be construed as such. To me, this has always been an inspiration to get my butt in gear and start moving.

Why is it so important to start today? Why can’t things wait until tomorrow, or maybe the day after that? Or how about next week, or when we have the money, resources, time, blah, blah, blah! It is important to start today, because putting things off just means that you are feeding the cycle of making excuses. You cannot actively take part in your life, if you keep waiting, because waiting is passive and doesn’t accomplish anything. Plus, why would you want to waste even another moment, if you can get started on your better life today?

Maybe you are going to argue that your life doesn’t need improvement. But then, I know very few people who wouldn’t welcome improvements in their life. Personally, I believe that there is always room for growth, no matter how well you are doing. Complacency and stagnation are the death to personal advancement.

So, start making a list of things you want! Maybe you always wanted to take an art class? Maybe you wanted to travel to a specific place, or learn another language. The sky is the limit when it comes to your dreams. If you are planning on really improving your life because you are feeling defeated, depressed or miserable, you may want to start with things that would have an immediate impact on your self-esteem. Set reasonable goals, for example, losing 5 lbs. within a month, signing up with a gym, looking for a new job, etc. Anything that allows you to actively take a step further towards the person you want to be, while making you feel good about the fact that you are taking action, is a worthwhile activity to engage in.

Good things don’t come to those who wait. Good things come to those who take action. YOU are the master of your own destiny, so grab the opportunity by the horns and start creating!