Time is Precious

TimeTime is precious. It is by far one of the most important commodities in our lives. This is why it is important to treasure every moment and make the best out of things, no matter what.

As of late I have been paying more attention to how I spend my time and whom I spend it with. l realized how “careless” and freely I have given away my time to people and activities that weren’t worth it.

The thing is that I have always been very good about freely offering my time, help, heart and loyalty to anyone who’d ask for it. It didn’t occur to me that it was OK for me to ask for the same in return. I therefore found myself frequently around people who never seemed to be able to make any effort for me; and at times, didn’t even seem to care about me all that much. This made me an easy target for users, narcissists or selfish individuals.

Taking stock of what I do, how I do it and with whom, has made a huge difference in how I feel. I am less angry, because I don’t consistently feel being used. I am less sad or feeling bad, because I am able to prioritize my own wants and needs, clearly state boundaries and do more things I enjoy doing. I cut out the dialogue about things I should be doing, the feelings of obligation and most importantly, the self-imposed rules I had lived by for most of my life. Freedom of mind and heart came when I stopped worrying and deliberately did the opposite of what I used to do. I had a brand new outlook “what do I have to lose?” Turns out, I had everything to gain! I have felt more alive and happy and have had very little, mostly even no pain.

Being out in the world is extremely fun, provided one is fully present and alive. So, when it comes to your time, spend it wisely. I am learning that it is not just OK, but actually important to be choosy and selective. A friend recently told me that I should only give my all to someone who is worthy. I think “all” includes one’s time. So today, I am making new choices and these include not giving time to people who give nothing but only seem to remember me when they need or want something from me. Time, it’s precious, as is your heart – choose wisely whom you give them to. Choose people who are worthy of you and your time.

Time, Zeit – Is It Ever Right?


If I had a single dollar for every part of my life where timing wasn’t right, I’d be a billionaire. Timing – isn’t it an interesting concept? And isn’t it about the only thing we never truly have enough of? It ticks away and within a heartbeat, it runs out.

I’m a jumper. I jump into things and oh yes, I have gotten my butt kicked for that, in the proverbial sense. I jump and I run and while I used to run away from things I now run toward them. I run and I jump, because I truly value the essence of time. I understand, maybe more than most, how precious time is and how quickly it can be taken away; so I simply don’t waste it. I am always aware of my mortal coil and while it sounds so cliché, I know that lightning could strike tomorrow and I may be run over by a truck. My mom sure as hell had no clue that she was about to die when she went to the hospital to merely get some gallstones removed – she was 48.

Why do we treat our life as if it was endless? Why do we act as if we had an endless amount of life and health? We waste it all away, careless and clueless until it gets taken away from us. Oh, how we take it all for granted. How we think there is always another chance for us. There is always tomorrow; or next week, next month or next year, right?

Today, I woke up understanding once more that I am on borrowed time and that it ticks away slowly and surely with each breath I take. I realized once more that I have a duty to myself to live life to its fullest potential and above all – love myself, forgive myself and continuously strive to be the best I can be.  Today, I realize once more that there is no such thing as being ready; at least not for me. Some things will happen to me, regardless if I am ready for them or not. I can cease the day, the moment and the opportunity and handle it like the the woman I want to be. I can recognize each amazing moment, person and situation and face it, head on! I shall not run away and dwell in fear, doubt and regret. For how often have I ever felt regret for the things I’ve done versus the things I didn’t do and ran from?

Today, I realize once more that I am always in the perfect moment, at the perfect time. I have no regret, I have no fear, I am ready now – I was born ready. May I never miss a single moment of joy, bliss, happiness, love, friendship and wonder. May I always be able to take this leap of faith, instead of waiting and worrying that I may not be ready, wondering what if. May I never hesitate and keep running and jumping, arms and heart wide open. And may you be able to do the same. With love and light…